TrUDucer: Transforming to Universal Dependencies using tree transducers

TrUDucer is a software for transforming dependency treebanks from one schema to another, especially to Universal Dependencies. The conversion rules are simple to write and the formalism guarantees that all transformations yield valid tree structures.

You can get the source from the git repository @gitlab.

Read the paper: Dependency Schema Transformation with Tree Transducers – presented at the First Workshop on Universal Dependencies.

This software is a result of the bachelor thesis by Felix Hennig. It contains more detail than the paper.

Section 4 as well as the example rule file and this page describes the rule format. An additional repository contains manually annotated sentences used for developing and evaluating the rule file.

For rule development and evaluation there exists the session command. For usage information on that visit the usage documentation page.

If you have questions regarding the software, send us a mail; the addresses are in the paper.